This heavy and durable material is ideal for printed wall displays and exhibition spaces. Commonly used for signage, notices and large advertising boards due to its low price this quality material also comes in a range of finishes, including a brushed sliver which emulates an impressive stainless steel finish.
Our most versatile material, available in a range of thicknesses. Popular for photography and artwork printing, signage, large menu and wall displays and can be printed and cut to create custom 3d designs to mount or stand alone. Ideal for back drop and set designs.
Corex has a quality lightweight, strong stucture. It is commonly used for POS display boards, wall coverings and signage both indoor and outdoor. Corex is a fluted, weather resistent, low cost material ideal for short term signage for events, promotions and advertising.
We reverse print onto the back of this transparent material, protecting your artwork for long periods of time. Lightweight yet durable polycarb is a clear plastic with a truly outstanding finish. Your print will be behind this shiny, unblemished surface. A perfect way to replicate glass at a low price.


We can print onto any kind of wood to create custom displays, bespoke prints and unique decor. Your Imagine, we create. Be sure to get in touch if you have a query about any custom materials. We are always happy to help!